Group Incentive Travel:

Group travel is a specialised area of travel management. It requires a specialised skill set, knowledge of the diverse travel requirements and systems needed to ensure group travel is successful. We are the Luna Events and Travels and provide a specialised service to ensure success when developing conferences and incentive travel programmes and special interest, sporting/supporter group and educational group travel.

We have extensive experience managing every aspect of group travel for groups ranging from 10 – 800 persons in size (there is no size limit). We arrange everything from flights, accommodation, conferencing, transfers, tour design, guest speakers, travel insurance, visas and much more.

We understand each group is different and that we require a serious understanding of your unique travel purpose. We endeavor to get to know your purpose, business and participants to provide the most appropriate service at the best price.

No matter how large or small, complex or simple you think your group may be, we can assist you. Our aim is to take the hassle out of organising group travel.


Travel Incentives – compelling motivators to change behavior

Incentive travel requires specialised group travel and management capabilities. At the Luna Events and Travel we don’t just take on your ideas; we embody your business ethos, take on your corporate goals and understand your participant drivers to develop a travel programme that will drive change and get results. We take imagination and turn it into inspirational domestic or international incentive travel programmes. Our programmes are tailor made motivational rewards designed specifically to your business, your delegates and your objects.

Conferences – powerful business tools

Well conceived and managed conferences achieve business objectives. We know how powerful a conference can be. Your business is on show, and your image is on the line. We take time to understand your business, your conference objective and get to know your delegates intimately. Whether your conference goals are training, team building, networking or rewarding success, we create conferencing options and experiences that meet your objectives and inspires your delegates.

Tailored Programmes – solution for a total package

We create conference and incentive travel to suit your brand, your objectives and your audiences to ensure you get the results you need. Be comforted knowing that we can manage as much or as little as you require.

Destination & Venue Selection – it’s your choice

Location is everything and limited only by your imagination and budget. Our specialty is finding locations and venues to match your objectives, audience, theme and budget.

Flights & Transportation – make it a smooth trip
We are the Luna Events and Travel and pride ourselves on our ability to move your group from A to B, no matter the form of transport.

Pre/Post Extensions – continuing the experience

Hosting your delegates in fabulous locations often leads to extensions. We can put together pre/post extensions for each of your delegates, in the location or the world at large.

Partner Programmes -  making everyone feel special

There is a serious side to business during these times, delegate partners my not be invited to attend. We specialise in developing partner programmes to ensure partners feel just as included.

Your Business is our Business – the way it should be

To create successful conference or travel incentive programmes, it is important for your travel provider to understand the purpose for the programme. We get to know your business and desired outcomes intimately to develop appropriate programmes to get you results!

All aspects of your booking from initial concept to final touches will be handled by your own dedicated Luna Events and Travel. Deal with one person who will know all the little things that are highly important to you and your group. Their knowledge of your group will ensure your conference or travel incentive is extraordinary.
Your Luna Events and Travel works with in a team of 12. So not only do you have your specialist looking after you but access to the knowledge and experience of a highly qualified Group Travel Team.

Do it Differently – get it right

It is not all about grand ideas or big dreams, it is about attention to detail and getting the finer details right. When travel is used as a reward or motivator expectations are higher and the small details become highly important. We pride ourselves on our meticulous attention to detail to ensure your conference or incentive travel programmes exceed your delegate's expectations. We know it’s not just about where they stay or how they get there but is also about:

  • Event services
  • Hosted arrivals
  • Luggage handling
  • Appropriate refreshments
  • Room drops and gifts
  • Entertainment
  • Pre/Post programmes
  • Partner programmes
  • Emergency and backup plans
  • and more!

For us, creating conferences and incentives is about doing what is expected so well it goes unnoticed and including an element of surprise to create the unexpected so your programme will never be forgotten

Past Examples of Group Travel:

  • 80 passengers on a weekend cruise on the Sinfonia
  • 65 passengers to Cape Town from Johannesburg for a weekend company getaway
  • 30 passengers on a VIP Tour De France spectators travel package
  • 24 passengers to Cape Town from Johannesburg for a weekend sports tour
  • 40 passengers on a week incentive trip to Bali
  • 30 passengers on a 12 day sailing incentive trip around Italy
  • 70 passengers on a 10 day incentive trip to Egypt
  • 300 passengers on a 7 day incentive trip to Paris